I am Mounir Abdel Sabour Mabrook. I was born in Minia in Upper Egypt but I live in Giza.  I  got my bachelor degree in Arts and education in 1993 and I have  worked  as a teacher  of English since that date. I have got a Diploma in teaching and learning English from Northumbria university in England. Now I  am a senior English teacher in Gawad Hosni Experimental Language school in Imbaba district. I am interested in using the most advanced strategies in teaching and learning . I believe in the need to make the best use of technology in our classrooms because our students are digital natives now. So, I also believe in the necessity of revolutionizing our education  in general and teaching and leaning in particular. I want to use the glamour and flexibility of technology to enhance our schools. I have started this blog  to be useful for my students. I think I can use it for publishing some important lessons about English language and using grammar. I will try to use this blog to display some grammar, knotty vocabulary, summaries or important  ideas of  some novels or poetry. Thus, I can enable my students to enjoy leaning through interaction with this blog. I think I will need to update it all the time to make it more attractive and useful.

I invite all the students in my school to log into my blog to get the best benefit from the items published here. I would be happy to receive comments on the items to be able to make it more useful for all students in my school. You will learn and enjoy your time at the same tome.


My Reflective post on the course

During this course of my Professional Educator Diploma at AUC , ETCT , course 502 taught by Dr. Mary Victor, I think I have got a lot of experience that enable me to be an excellent teacher in 21st century. I think that ideas that I have learned will help me to enjoy life-long learning. I will always try to find every new idea and try be more creative all the time in my life in general and in teaching in particular.I think will try to use the idea of flipped classroom and encourage my students to share and collaborate their ideas.
Another important example that I should use and ask other teachers to do is making a blog for the subject taught. I can make it more enjoyable and more motivating for my students and I will try to update it all the time. It can help me and my students to be creative.
Really many thanks for Dr Mary for her great efforts.
Author: Mounir Abdel Sabour Ahmed Mabrook